The grants are awarded by the Executive Board of the CEEBP on the basis of a fully completed application and expert advice from the CEEBP’s consultants. All deliberations of the CEEBP are confidential. The Board is not required to justify its decisions. Once rejected, a project is no longer eligible for consideration by the Board.

Grants are awarded on the condition that recipients agree to the terms of the grant agreement, including acknowledgement of the CEEBP’s support in any publication relating to the project. This requires that the grant application be made well in advance.

Payment of the first half of the grant will be made available upon receipt of a signed contract, and bank details of the grantee. The second half will be paid upon receipt by the CEEBP of two copies of the publication, and of documents showing that the provisions of the contract have been met.

In the event that the recipient of a grant wishes to use the grant for a project other than the one approved by the Executive Board, a new application must be submitted.
The grant must be used within two years. If the grant, for whatever reason, has not been spent within this period, the money will be returned to the CEEBP.