Grants programme

The CEEBP grants programme assists publishers in defraying the costs of

  • Translation and publication of high quality literary and scholarly books into the languages of Central and Eastern Europe

Grants are awarded to publishers for the translation of seminal works that are of interest to a wider intellectual readership.

Priority is given to translations of literary works and publications in the humanities enhancing an exchange of thought and information across territorial and cultural borders,

Eligible are especially books for wider intellectual public which provide insight in the importance, institutions and working of the constitutional rule of law, trias politica (balance of power between government, parliament and an independent judiciary), independent press (also called the fourth power), other civic freedoms, and human rights.

See also under Criteria, Procedure, and Conditions.


Special programme:

European history and literature translation programme

The programme, developed by the CEEBP in response to requests from Central and East European publishers, is aimed at making seminal books in the fields of European history and literature available to an educated reading public that is broader than specialised circles, in the various languages of Central and Eastern Europe.

This applies, in particular, to books that assist in illuminating the local history from various perspectives in relation to the surrounding world, and that enhance a critical understanding of the local history in its wider European and Euro-Atlantic context.

The programme has been supported by the Allianz Cultural Foundation.