Other Grants

Archive – Other Grants awarded in 1992 – 2008


  • Frankfurt Book Fair: matching funds for e-Stands, Rights Directors Meetings, and for entries of Central and East European publishers in the Frankfurt Rights Catalogues 1998 – 2008
  • Index, Association of Independent Publishers, Slovakia: matching funds for catalogues, 2000 / 2001, 2001 / 2002, 2002 / 2003
  • Index, Association of Slovak Independent Publishers: contribution for the publication of English catalogue, 1999
  • Katalog Czasopism kulturalnych w Polsce (Catalogue of Polish Cultural Journals), Warsaw 1996; Warsaw 1997/ 1998
  • Soros Center for the Arts – Sofia: contribution for the bilingual Catalogue of Cultural Journals in Bulgaria 1999 / 2000

Electronic equipment and websites

  • Aidai publishing house – website
  • APBV, Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Vojvodina, Novi Sad – computer equipment
  • APBV, Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Vojvodina, Novi Sad – graphic & design software
  • Arche, political and cultural monthly, Minsk
  • Artforum, Bratislava – hardware & software for Internet Bookstore
  • Association of Literary Translators of Serbia – website
  • Agora, Bratislava: grant for a website and equipment
  • Album, Sarajevo: grant for electronic equipment
  • Alexandria Press publishing house, Belgrade – computer equipment and website improvement
  • Amicitia, Sofia: grant for computer equipment
  • Aspekt, Bratislava
  • Belgrade Circle, Belgrade – website
  • Byelorussian journal, Minsk
  • Book Market Research (BMR), Cracow – software for the Virtual Publisher portal
  • Bulgarian Society of Publishers in Humanities
  • Czech Translators’ Guild, Prague: grant for a combined fax/copier/answering machine
  • Critique & Humanism Publishing House, Sofia: grant for computer equipment
  • Dilema, publishing house, Bratislava – computer equipment and website
  • Drewo a Srd, literary publishing house, Banská Bystrica (Slovakia): electronic equipment
  • Dukagjini Publishing House, Prishtina: grant for computer equipment
  • Faber Publishing House, Veliko Turnovo: grant for print/binder equipment for printing on demand
  • Feministička 94 publishing house – computer
  • Fragment F.R. & G. publishers, Bratislava – equipment and website
  • Gradac, Serbia – website
  • Index, Association of Independent Publishers, Slovakia: grant for a website and e-shop
  • In Transitum, Balkan Translators Mobility Fund 2000 – 2001
    Grants for reference works for translators to and from the languages of the Balkan countries
  • Jelenkor Publishing House, Pécs, – equipment for publishers education program
  • Knižná dielna Timotej publishing house, Košice (Slovakia): electronic equipment and website
  • Kritický sborník, Prague: grant for electronic equipment
  • Krug Commerce, Belgrade – equipment & website
  • Kovcheg, Minsk – computer equipment
  • LCA, publisher & literary and cultural agency, Bratislava/Levice: electronic equipment
  • Lege Artis, publishing house in humanities, Sofia – computer equipment
  • LIK Press, Sofia: grant for electronic equipment
  • LIK Press, Sofia – website
  • Mosty, Slovak-Czech weekly for culture, politics and economy: grant for computer equipment
  • National Library of Serbia -Yugoslav Book Market Project website
  • National Library of Serbia – equipment
  • Pontes, International literary network, Zagreb: grant for electronic equipment
  • Přístrojová Technika, publisher in literature and the humanities, Bratislava: electronic equipment
  • RAK publishing house, Budmerice: electronic equipment and website improvement
  • Rende, Belgrade: grant for computer equipment
  • RENDE publishing house, Belgrade – website
  • Revue svetovej literatury, quarterly Review of World Literature published by the Slovak Association of Literary Translators: grant for electronic equipment and website
  • Sfera Politicii, Buçurest – equipment & website
  • Stefan Batory Foundation, Warsaw: matching funds for Cultural Journals Project, equipment and Internet
  • Střední Evropa, Prague: grant for computer equipment
  • Transitions On Line, Prague: grant for electronic equipment and websites
  • Transitions Online (TOL) Book review, Prague – online TOL Book Store
  • Transitions On Line (TOL) – book reviews, and promotion of reading
  • Trištvrte Revue, Liberté, Bratislava: grant for computer equipment
  • Trištvrte Revue, cultural quarterly, Atrakt Art, Bratislava – website
  • Unitext Publishing House, Bucharest: grant for electronic equipment
  • Zeri, Sheshi, Prishtina: grant for electronic equipment

Special projects

  • Arkzin, Zagreb: grant for the novel written by the winner of the Bvlgarica Prize: Mileta Prodanovic, Ovo bi mogao biti Vas srecan dan (This Might Be Your Lucky Day).
  • Center for Cultural Decontamination and Rende, Belgrade: grant for the Festival of Croatian Writers
  • Faust Vrančić d.o.o., Zagreb: matching funds for the development of Book Information System
  • Frankfurt Book Fair: entrance fees for the conference ”Big Questions in Publishing” 2001 and Rights Managers meetings 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
  • Soros Center for the Arts – Sofia (SCA): matching funds for discount on library subscriptions to cultural journals 2000/2001, and 2001/2002
  • Milan Šimečka Foundation: matching funds for training of Slovak publishers 2000/2001
  • In Transitum: grant for reference works for Balkan translators 2000/2001
  • Transitions Online, Prague – Central Europe Review Books section
  • Publishers training course at the Charles University, Prague – professional literature

These activities of the CEEBP were made possible with the invaluable support of the European Cultural Foundation, the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Salomon von Oppenheim Stiftung, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Donations have been given by Press Now, Center for Publishing Development, Wolters Kluwer Hungary, Meulenhoff & Co bv, the Weekbladpers Groep bv, Uitgeverij Boom bv, Rotary, Stichting Het Parool and private donors.